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continue to throw out or give away the clutter in my house

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I have started bagging up clutter

from the garage and the basement. Stuff I have been storing that I have no need for now or will ever need again. I am getting rid of my daughters furniture from the garage. It has been in there for 8 years. She will probably still be here for another year or so. I want my garage back.

Worried about my finances; so

it motivates me to get up and get something done. I piled a lot of stuff for the trash outside my door. I hope to go through the rest of the house over this entire week and get rid of as much stuff as possible. I have a couple bags ready to go to good will, several garbage cans ready to go out on trash day, and still many more things to go through. I am going to stop by the Ebay store on my way to work tomorrow. I am going to see what it will cost me to have them sell my husbands trains and buildings.

Dropping off another bag or two of donations

to St Vincent De Pauls. I have to return some things to the library and stop by the gym. My mornings are not long enough. I keep getting up earlier to try and get stuff done, but I keep running out of time. I have found a few containers and boxes that I need to go through. Since we are hoping to get the tree put up next weekend, I have to get rid of some furniture and clutter in the front room.
I also have a fax machine, a scanner, and a couple of vcr dvd players that I need to get rid of as we don’t use them any longer. I have two oak filing cabinets that I want to get rid of also. I am shaking my head wondering how did we end up with all of this stuff. It sucks the life out of me.

Broke down boxes

I broke down and disposed of all the camera and lens boxes that I have been saving for years. I have been meaning to do this for a couple of years…lots longer in fact. Closer to 7 years. I am so glad to have accomplished that today. I lined up several things and a couple of bags to go to the St Vincent De Paul shop. Tomorrow morning I plan on putting the finishing touches on the outside lights and get them all wired to the outlets. I hope to have them operational when we get home from Thanksgiving dinner. I told the family to declutter and clean the living room or the tree won’t go up. We are finally making progress in the house and there will be no backsliding.

Garbage day

so now I will have empty garbage cans to fill up again for next week. Its expensive for me to get rid of all of this garbage, but as the house slowly empties out I feel it is worth it. I hope to get some clutter out of the garage and out of the basement this weekend. I don’t think my bedroom has been this decluttered in years. I have a couple more things to move down to the new craft area in the basement, and then my bedroom will be the sanctuary that I have desired.

Sorted through

some more clothes and containers in the basement. I have all of the old towels and washclothes in one container by the washer and dryer. We use them for washing the car, drying the dog off, and hair coloring. I wanted them out of the way, but in a container where we could easily access them. I am getting more and more done each day. It feels good to finally see a difference even though I still have a ways to go.

Another bag out of the basement

and I have cleaned and reorganized most of the craft supplies that I have in the basement. I need to hang one more light fixture and fix one of the fixtures that is falling down. I want to get rid of a bunch of stuff stacked up on a large table that my husband made me. It would be perfect for a large craft table. I am sorting through the Christmas decorations; so that I can get the house decorated properly this Season. The more clutter I get rid of the easier it gets. I used to have a hard time throwing things out or giving them away. I am learning how to sort and toss. I want a house I can be proud of and invite people over or not worry if someone drops by unexpectedly.

Bringing up several bags

of discard and taking down several things I have decided were storage worthy. I am going to have to dismantle the train set, and that is going to be hard on my granddaughter and her mother. It needs to be done. We have to move on with our lives. My husbands trains need to go to someone who can appreciate and enjoy them. I am going to stop by the EBay center and find out what I need to do to have them sell them for me. I want to start out next year in better shape organizationallly. This is the time to head for that new lease on life for me and my family.

Several days of rain

so I still don’t have the drywall here. I have many other things I can be working on. I want to spend some more time down in the basement today. I have to figure out what I am keeping and what I am giving away down there.
I have already bagged up a couple of bags of discards. I will bring that up today, and I will start to form a game plan down there for getting organized. I hope that I give away more than I keep.

Wonderful Brother in law

came over and helped me get the old water softner out of the basement. I was able to drag the salt tank out by myself, but when I tried to move the actual softner-wow. It was much heavier than I thought. So call my sister who offered up her husband-he said he was more than glad to come over and help me with anything he can. So that got down to the curb and a scrapper picked it up saving me the cost of a garbage sticker. My BIL is going to come back on a morning it is not raining and take me to Home Depot to get some drywall for several repairs I need to make. I am determined to end this year better than I started.

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