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continue to throw out or give away the clutter in my house

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Tackling the basement with serious determination

and ambition. I am going to spend 15 minutes every day cleaning out the basement. I wiped down the furnace, changed the filter, and cleaned out the shop vacuums today. I started vacuuming the basement while earmarking things for trash or giveaway. I figure 15 minutes a day will make a really big dent in the basement by November. I want to paint the ceiling white and the floor gray over this winter (a little at a time). I want to add a laundry tub/sink and build some shelves when I take down the train set. I hope to use most of the lumber from the train set to build the shelves. Lots to do around the house. I better make a list.

Well it looks like my eldest daughter

is going to be moving back in with me. We need to declutter and organize to make room quickly. I have been worried about her since her husband asked for a divorce. She has found dealing with every day financial worries stressful. She tried living with her cousin, but she is having a hard time speaking up for herself. I guess she thinks she is paying for more of the living expenses and the groceries than she should. I am not sure, but I know that both my daughters still have a hard time with budgeting. Their father and I did not teach them well enough; so now they are having to learn it the hard way. We need to declutter in a hurry to make room in my little house for my daughter and her possessions. I don’t care about the house being crowded, but my eldest is going to have to learn a little patience. She will have to learn to put up with my 7 year old granddaughter (who is a good child).

Going down in the basement

to get rid of something. I want to bring up at least 1 big bag of stuff to throw out and 1 big bag of stuff to give away. I have been fighting off financial-related depression; so I have not been as motivated as I would like to be on this and my other goals. I know that it will make me feel better to have some accomplishment in some aspect of my life. I am going to work on my resume this week and weekend, and then I am going to hit the internet, the employment agencies, and the pavement and find myself a morning parttime jog to supplement my income. Getting rid of clutter around the house will make me feel more confident and happy. A confident and happy person has more chance of getting a job than an unhappy and depressed person.

Got rid of more "junk"

I got rid of two garbage cans of stuff from the basement. It cleared up some major space. I am going to vacuum that space and put up the table. The table will be for things I want to keep and find a new home for as I sort through the shelves and boxes on the floor. I also got rid of several small riding toys and push toys from the garage. My granddaughter long ago grew out of them. I put them down at the curb early; so people came by and picked them up. Giving away is the best form of recycling I know. I hope the toys bring as much fun to the next child as they did to my granddaughter. I am feeling more motivated to accomplish this thing as I go.

Is somebody dropping off their own clutter

at my house? I swear the stuff in my basement is multiplying. I cannot believe how much stuff is still down there. I hope to bring up more junk, garbage, and give away stuff today. I did get rid of a lot of clothes. I found an outfit that I couldn’t fit into for a long time. I am going to try and dye it. The color has faded in several places, but if the dye takes I will be so happy. If not-garbage. I did wonder what I was thinking when I pulled out some of the clothes I stored away…what was I thinking when I bought them and what was I thinking when I stored them away.

bagged up more stuff

I wonder if I will have enough garbage stickers to put on all of the trash cans this next garbage day. I am trying to get rid of as much stuff as possible so I can clean the basement and arrange the craft area I have been trying to do in “forever”

Wow, its getting easier

to spot the things I need to get rid of around the house. I am going to bring up several things from the basement that should have been disposed of or given away years ago. My granddaughter is going to be 7 years old, and I still have her pack and play downstairs. I have several areas downstairs that I know we have not looked at the stuff in 8 years-all that is going to go. I am phobic about spiders, but I am going to ramp myself up and just pull everything out. I mean spiders are smaller than me and they squish right? I don’t want to pass my phobia onto my granddaughter; so I will be brave. I also am going to pull of the front of the dryer and vacuum it out today. I keep hearing and reading about clogged dryer vents and fires. I am taking that as a warning.

A van load

We dropped off a van load of blankets, clothing, and toys that we don’t need any longer, but they areall in very nice shape. I got rid of all of my jeans size 38 and size 36. I must have had 30 pairs of jeans and several new skirts and dress (some with the tags still on them) that I have shrunk out of; so I wanted them out of the house before I think about gaining weight again. I still have several things to bring up from the basement before I can even start making some sense of what I want to keep.

The whole household is getting in on this

My granddaughter and my daughter are getting on board with this “Thing” We have such a small house and we have so much stuff. We need to declutter and organize desperately. Finally, I see some help and cooperation coming from them. Everytime I ask my daughter about stuff laying around the house; she would always say I want to keep that. I would say okay, where are you going to put it? I would get various non answers. I have recently started telling her you can’t keep everything. I explained that I am at my breaking point, and that this house is an embarressment to me and should be to her. I think being blunt when I am calm is working better than anything else.

Determined to get rid of something today.

Going downstairs to start laundry. I am determined to bring up something and either throw it out or take it over to Goodwill. I also spotted a few things in my bedroom and the garage that can be thrown out and/or given away. I keep thinking that I am getting somewhere with this and then I look around and I still have a lot of junk. Must declutter.

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