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So busy with the mundane things

in life; I don’t seem to be able to find time for trying something new. I think that is kind of sad, but perhaps I am over thinking this goal. I have been learning new things all along. Some of the things I am learning are an on going process. I am trying to learn Polish and Spanish. I am trying to learn how to be organized in my daily life. I am trying to learn to live on a budget. I am trying to learn to do the grown up things even though they are not always the fun choice. I am rethinking my goals and I am trying to decide on my New Years Resolution.

An evening out in a new place with new people....

I went to a concert last night with a Truck Driver I met at work and his wife. He was talking about Wishbone Ash at work, and I think he was surprised that I knew who they were. He invited me to attend the concert with his wife and himself. I was going to beg off, but I thought what the heck. I have not gone anywhere in the last couple of years unless it was as “Mom” or “Grandma”. I had such a great time. I took my motorcycle into Chicago as it is so much cheaper to drive and easy to park. We took a cab from their house to a Italian Restaurant which was right by the Hall the concert was at. We were joined by Tommy’s (the Truck driver) brothers, sister in laws, and cousins. What a friendly and fun group of people. The food, music, and people were great. I hope to do more with these people. They are always going somewhere and doing something.

Little things

I normally don’t like any sort of change, and I have been trying several new little things in my life the last couple of months. I am making adjustments to my overall life. I tried to look back over my life and figure out what things have held me back from being the person I want to be. I am trying to live outside the box. I would like to try some new adventures but so far nothing big has come to mind. I am keeping my mind open to new experiences and new ideas.

lack of imagination

I have to find a way to pursue new things. I don’t seem to have much of an imagination; so it is hard for me to think of new things to do each month. I have seen several things on other peoples lists that have given me some ideas. I will make sure that I try something new this month.

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