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My sister and I were talking about needs and wants today

My sister and I are having some of the same battles. Needs and wants. We are slowly winning this battle. I believe she does better than I presently, but I am renewed in my efforts to determine what is a need and what is a want. I worked on my budget and I am still short of paying my bills in a timely manner. Even with the increased income from my second job, I am still short a few hundred dollars from covering my needs. I will not get discouraged. I will keep plodding along until I have increased my income and decreased my expenses. If we didn’t have to eat or put gas in the car, I would be in great shape. ( I keep getting hungry though)

I bought some things

at the craft store that really stretched my budget. I have so many things stockpiled. I shouldn’t buy any craft supplies. I am angry and embarressed.

New walking shoes

I have burned through another pair of walking shoes. They are only lasting me about 4.5 months. I have picked out a new pair, and I am just saving my pennies to purchase them. I need two pairs to do the 3 Day according to the 3 Day Advisor.

I need more discipline

I can’t avoid stores altogether; so I need to have more discipline when I am out shopping. I will have to get better at determining my wants versus my needs. I want to set a good example for my daughters and my granddaughter. Living without a credit card is probably the best thing I could have done for myself. I still have the last bill, but I can’t go out and run it back up since I don’t have the actual card. There are days when I am out that I wish I had the card so I can buy something I want, but that only lasts for a few minutes and then I am thankful I don’t have the credit cards any longer. How long will it take me to fully learn this lesson?

This is difficult

I did put back an area rug I picked out today. I had to run to Walmart and get a few non food itesm. Laundry soap, fabric softner, Oxy clean…bath soap, cream rinse, razor blades, shaving cream, Qtips, and dog treats. I picked up coffee, tea, salami, and an extreme bacon thin crust pizza. $122.00. I think I am going to have to give up coffee. Things are just getting to expensive. Oh yeah. I bought some sugar pkg to take to work. We are always out of sugar, and if I want tea I like a little sugar.
I am glad I put the rug back. That would have been another $20.00.

well, I bought 2 things

today that I didn’t need. 2 dresses. They are job interview appropriate; and after getting a look at my raise today-I need to look for a new job. I paid about $16.00 for the two of them total so that is not to bad. I am going back to Ross’ to get a couple more dresses in a few weeks.
I need new clothing that is office and school appropriate.

Glad I stopped and checked

the garage before going out to buy more white exterior nails. I found a box the siders left after doing the house. I found several places that need to be tacked down; so I am putting a few nails in my pocket while I am continuing to hang the Christmas lights. I am glad I didn’t find them at the hardware store the other day; or I would have bought them and probably just kept them rather than take them back. I have a lot of stuff in the garage I need to go through before buying anything else.

printer fax copier and scanner

I bought an all in one today at Walmart. I need to have a way to print out and fax claim forms for my flex spending account. I also need a way to print out payment receipts for bills and other things I purchase online. I am trying to make most of my purchases locally, but somethings are better through Amazon. I am not sure if this falls under the need heading but it did in my mind. I was able to cover most of the cost from my winnings of the church drawings I entered. I won another $50.00. I am going to work on my expense report and hopefully get enough back from my mileage to pay for a replacement kindle.

How long do I have to work...

I am getting good at translating the price of an item into how many hours do I have to work to bring home that much money. I was amazed at how many things catch my eye that are a weeks worth of pay or more. I would like a new laptop, but I would have to give up a weeks take home pay to purchase the Sony that I like. Is it worth it? I won’t be able to answer that until I save up the money. I am working on saving for the laptop, but I only have a 1/3 of the purchase price saved in Amazon gift cards. I will be able to save a little quicker once I am done saving for the refrigerator. Necessities first.

We didn't even use the new cooler.

I guess I got my answer. We went to the parade and the fireworks without the new cooler. I guess that tells me that we didn’t need it, but I wanted it. “Why?” I am going to plan several outings so I can use the new cooler. That way we will get in a couple of day trips and I will use what I bought. Hopefully this will be a lesson to me about the difference between wants and needs.

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