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Clean and Wax my mini van and motorcycle for Winter.

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I finally finished the motorcycle

and it is almost time to redo both of the vehicles. I can’t offer much advice to anyone as it took me forever to get done. I just kept plodding along and finally completed it.

If I get up early enough

I should be able to get both vehicles cleaned and waxed. I need to gas up the motorcycle and put it in the garage. I need to clean and vacuum out the mini van and put in the emergency supplies. I like to carry jumper cables, water, snack bars, first aid kit, and extra blankets. I need to buy a little sand and a small shovel to store in the van in case I or someone else gets stuck.

Need to finish

We are back from our trip to Texas. I never got the van completely waxed; so I need to wash the bugs off of the van and finish waxing it this week. It really needs a good vacuuming and the windows washed. There are crumbs, sand, and trip residue all over the van. I need to give the inside a good washing also. I hope to get this all done tomorrow as I have to go right back to work today. I want to get it all vacuumed and windows washed and then clean the carpets and floor mats by the weekend.

1 more panel done

I didn’t make as much progress through the week with this goal, but I did get one more panel waxed. I have a 3 day weekend coming up; so I would like to get the rest of the Van waxed. I also need to get it vacuumed and get the windows washed. I will clean the carpets after we come back from out trip to Texas.

Doing it panel by panel

I never seem to have a big enough block of time to wax my van. So I decided to break it down into smaller jobs. 3 panels done before I had to stop for dinner preparation. I would like to try and get one panel done everyday for the rest of the week and then finish up by next weekend.

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