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be a domestic goddess

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How to remove Wax

I love candles in my house. But sometimes, a few drops of wax fall upon your table cloth or worse on your furniture. I just let them dry, don’t try to scratch it with a knife. Warm up your iron, put a piece of tissue paper/kitchen roll/Toilet papar on the dried drop of wax and run the warm iron over it. It will melt the wax and the paper will absorb it. Clean the spot with another clean paper and Presto!

Be a Domestic Goddess!

Hi! i have decided I am going to be a domestic Goddess, like my mom. I recently read an article on the May issue of Marie Claire (UK) and have decided to follow this routine I found there. I have added a few things of my own.

  • Turn down the beds every morning and air the bedroom.
  • Do all the washing up after every meal.
  • Tidy and clean the bathroom everyday.
  • Hang up all the clothes in the wardrobe at the end of the day.
  • Spend weekday evenings – mending, restoring, patching etc.
  • Get up two hours early once a week to clean the house.
  • Always iron the washing/ spritz bedlinen with lavender water.
  • Order the shopping on the internet.
  • Sort out the wardrobe twice and year and pack away unseasonal clothes.
  • Arrange clothes and accessories in order.
  • Prepare dinner partis in advance, lay the table in the morning.
  • Water and mend to potted plants twice a week.
  • Tend to personal beauty and pampering once a week.
  • Buy flowers wholesale in the early morning market.
  • File and arrange my cookbook.

thats all for now but you can add anything you wish to this list.

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