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Right now

I feel like I sleep about as well as I can expect with my circumstances. I would really like to thank Carm for her support and sending me lots of great references! This goal will always be a little bit of a challenge until I change my work, so I put it under Do Again category.


After working three 12 hour shifts in a row, I got 15 hour of sleep in 24 hours! On Wednesday, my nurse practitioner recomended taking melatonin. It worked great, but there are some drawbacks. I need to investigate melatonin more before using it much.

Woo Hoo

Six very good hours today.

I've been off work

for 5 days. I’m feeling better rested. I went to bed at 8:00 last night and got up at 2:30 a.m. So my sleep is a little off. Trying to keep a log is difficult because I catch snatches here and there. Also, I spend quite a bit of time lying down, awake, trying to sleep. I may try Todd S.’s suggestion for more exercise.


Yesterday – seven hours
Today – five hours
Something has to change…


five hours of sleep today. I just can’t stay asleep. And I have to work tonight. Arrrgh!


I’m starting to document in my planner the number of hours of sleep I get in 24 hours. Retrospectively, I slept 6 hours on 2/20/08. Today, I slept 9.5 hours (I have to work tonight). My husband noted that I probably slept too early in the day in order to be prepared for tonight. I might lie down for a short nap later.

8 hrs. last night


I may start a

sleep log of some sort. Yesterday to today, I slept 16 hours. Some days I get only 4 hours of sleep. My hope is for a better balance.

I got seven consecutive hours of sleep

last night. Woo Hoo! Because I work 12 hour night shifts, I really struggle with getting enough sleep.

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