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Learn to ride a horse - well

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Second lesson

I actually got to sit on the horse this week and walk her around the arena, hooray! It’s all bareback and halter-only, which is totally different to anything I’ve ever done before, and heaps of fun. Hard to balance, though, with no saddle or stirrups.

Had my first lesson this weekend, yipee!

The people there teach natural horsemanship, so I spent the first lesson just leading my horse around, working on getting her to do things like give her head, turn in circles, stop, and back up when I wanted her to.

It was kind of cool, though I was a little disappointed I didn’t spend any time actually in the saddle.

Thinking of taking proper riding lessons this summer

They’re pretty expensive, so I probably shouldn’t (I’m meant to be saving to pay off my debts!) But I figure perhaps I can only go every couple of weeks, and then it won’t cost tooo much?

The place I’m looking into seems pretty nice, they teach natural horsemanship as well as regular riding, and seem to take good care of their horses.

It would be nice to get out riding again. I did it a little as a child and it was really fun. A little scary, especially the jumping, but definately fun.

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