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Get fit and stay fit

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Run because there's nothing else to do.

Yesterday was a mad one.
From feeling so confused, hurt and low in the moring to ending up so optimistic in the evening.
I went to the gym midday and ran
Ran because I had nothing better to do.
ran because it gave me plenty of time to think.
I never stopped running future conversations in my head.
Planning what I was going to do next.

I ran further than I ever had.
8 miles.
In 1 hr 15mins.
I impressed myself.
I think I will do that race.

The Great North Run

A friend asked me to do The Great North Run, with him in Oct.
It’s a half marathon
13 miles.
hhhmm thats alot.
so before I decided to commit, i decided to see what i could do in the gym.
and ran 6.5 miles which is half, in 1 hr 5 mins. So less than 10 mins a mile, thats ok.
of course it was only half the marathon, and also, running on nthe street is far different to a tredmill.
I’d have to get my ass on the streets!

I ran like the wind blows...

Yesterday I ran the furthest I’ve ever ran within the shortest amount of time.

6.5 miles in 54 mins.

And all I was doing was thinking of her.


It’s working….

4.5 miles in 40mins. I’m happy with that!

First day back

2 miles and then toning machines and free weights. OK.
No way near what I used to be able to do.

Regain the momentum

I need to get my ass back to the gym…
I am still a member of a gym and I havn’t really been going lately. Mainly due to laziness. Be partly because I fell out of the routine and I know it’s difficult to regain the momentum.

I used to be really good at going to the gym regularly and I was really fit. I could run a 10k in an hour no problem, but now I wouldn’t like to give it ago because I know I wouldn’t last 20mins.

So, I’m going to break this goal down so it’s clearer and easier for me to understand fully what I mean by this goal:

A, Gey myself back in the routine of going to the gym
B. But remember not to become obsessed by it and become a gym junkie. My only notion of going to the gym is to get fit again.
C. Eating healthier will obviously help me so try to do that.
D. Drink lots more water. Remember that HYDRATION IS PREPARTION! It will only aid me.

E. Most importantly, ENJOY IT!!!

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