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This should be easier now that Im in college.
I mean, I actually get to take classes that I’m interested in.
That will pertain to what I want to do with my life.
With the exception of Research Methods… I’ve liked my psych classes.
I’m not used to learning information in school that I can apply to the real world and every day situations.

(Tangent… when I was visiting Oberlin, one of the parents on my tour got in a tizzy because the guide kept using the phrase “real world” to refer to life beyond college. He said, “What isn’t real about college? How is this not real? It’s as real as anything else, so I wish people would stop saying that.” I totally got what he was saying. It’s something I think about from time to time.)

There’s nothing more interesting to me than human behavior and it’s causes and motivations.
I used to be scared about deciding what I want to do with the rest of my life so early on.
Like, by announcing it now it would inevitably not happen, I would jinx myself.
But I can’t imagine losing interest in psychology.
I can’t imagine losing my interest in listening and helping people.
And the more I read, the more lectures I go to, the more situations I can apply my knowledge to…
The more reassured I am.
I like this work.

Now I just have to find a college job other than Campus Dining Services…

Have a nice day, ma'am. Thank you for looking right through me.

I’ve decided that I could never work retail. I am not a people person. Or at least when the customer is not a people person. I can’t stand when I can tell the customer only needs me to punch buttons on a cash register and hand them his or her change. I am not nameless or faceless. I am more than just a Button Pusher and Change Giver.

Over the summer I volunteered at the Akron Summit County Public Library. The first couple of times I worked in the library store and worked the cash register. Some people are so unpleasant. Eventually I started sorting books and restocking the shelves and tagging the merchandise. That I can handle. I like to work behind the scenes, by myself.

There’s something fun about pushing a cart around and swiping name cards over pads that grant me entry into the back rooms of the library. Yeah, it’s menial work, but I don’t care. Most of the time I enjoy it.

Besides, I suck at math. Adding change is not my forte.

Where'd you go?

Spring Garden taught me to do my work for the sake of learning, not for the grade. High school ruined me. I feel like I’m forced to do this dull, tedious work just so I can get my school another Excellent rating. I want to feel motivated again. I want to feel like I’m actually gaining knowledge.

What I feel like is…....


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