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Just a little comparison between the top weight and now.


Holla!!!! I am under 300 for the first time in 8 years!!!
Cheer me!!!!


Okay so I lost nine pounds during the month of June!!! Yeah!!! I went from 309 down to 300! Now I would ideally like to lose twenty more pounds before July 31st (when I leave for Cancun), but I would be happy if I weighed 280 before school starts in the end of August.

Here is the timeline I am working on:
280 by end of August
250 by Christmas
230 by my Birthday (March)
200 by August 2009
180 by Christmas ‘09

I know it is an ambitious timeline, so I don’t know for sure if I can do it, but this is what I would LOVE!!!

Okay so...

Sunday is my weigh in day and so far in the two weeks of June I have lost 6 lbs! Go me!


Okay June is going to be absolutely insane for me. I have already planned out a first week of menus. I am going to be so rigid with working out and eating for all of June and July.

I am going to Cancun on July 31st and I want to lose like 20 lbs before I go.

The thing is is that I am at a crest in my weight loss. I am at that weight that I can’t seem to break. I’m between 304 and 309 and I just keep fluctuating. I can’t seem to get below 300, so I am going full force for the next two months!

24 pounds before...


So six of us girls booked our trip to Cancun! We are leaving July 31st! I want to lose 24 lbs first… I wasn’t doing great… I took a whole week off when I went to Florida, but I’m back to exercising now.

Yesterday we went through all of my clothes and threw away all of my 3XL t-shirts! I am officially a 2X for the first time in a few years!

My challenge

So my challenge was to lose 9 lbs before going to the Dr. this past Tuesday and I didn’t make it. I gained lbs. Of course my appointment was at 2:00pm and I usually weigh in the morning so that could have something to do with it, but my consequence was no more time with my friends for a month. Which is not very practical, so I am changing it to no eating out for a month.

I have got to get this under control! I wanna lose 60 lbs this summer. I know I can do it! I know I can!

9 Freaking Pounds!

So I set up a challenge. I have to lose 9 lbs before April 22nd when I go see my Dr. Unfortunately diet supplements can interact with the birth control pill, so I have to do it all without any help! Diet and exercise!


Is anyone else finding it completely impossible to socialize on a diet. It is like a go ahead light goes off in my brain. Go ahead eat whatever… go ahead drink whatever… go ahead don’t exercise you are too busy anyway. I’m going to become a crazy diet nazi for two weeks. I’m going to try to lose ten pounds before March 15th. I have to make up for my weekend of Socialization.

48 Pounds

So I am super excited. I have lost 48 lbs altogether! That is more than a quarter of my total goal!

I have 130 left to go! Wish me luck!

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