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become a morning person.

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i woke up early

this morning and didn’t know what to do with myself / was not feeling motivated to do anything. I think I need to plan this out a little better. We were on time this morning however, which is a good start.

kind of fell off the wagon on this

and would probably benefit from actively working on this goal again. Being a morning person benefits not only me, but also my daughter. On some days that bed is just so darn comfy and hard to leave tho :\. do i live in the moment and savor the comforts of my bed, or act responsibly and get out of bed when the alarm first rings? just asking myself that, i already know the answer. dallying in bed is not really living in the moment so much as putting off what i should be doing at that time instead. if i were really living in the moment, i’d be excited to have gotten to that time of day where it is time to get up again.


i’m doing this again!

up at 6 today

now i just need to work on my early morning productivity..

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