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Meditation: Day 14

Did the Evening Mindfulness meditation with Maritza. Feel calm and serene – the opposite of how I felt before it.

Meditation: Day 13

Listened to the “Find Inner Peace” guided motivation today – could not concentrate for the life of me. Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

Meditation: Day 12

The shortest meditation in the history of meditations. Had neither the time nor the inclination but forced myself to sit for a little while. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Meditation: Day 11

So up until now, I’ve been doing recorded guided meditations (with varying degrees of success), today I decided to try the real thing. Set the kitchen timer for 6 minutes (1 minute to get comfortable, 5 to actually meditate – small steps) – the timer is kind of loud so had to cover it with a blanket. Tried to tune everything out, focusing on the breath at the nostrils. Worked much better than in the last few days. When the timer beeped I actually could have gone for longer. Maybe will try to do 10 minutes tomorrow.

Meditation: Day 10

After yesterday’s fiasco, really needed today’s session to be effortless and helpful. I’ve had this app on my iPhone for a while, called “Meditate Now” – it has a bunch of guided [pseudo] meditations and I’ve used the “Fall Asleep” one to, well, help me fall asleep and never listened to other ones. After today’s yoga session, I listened to the “Find Inner Peace” track which ran for just over 6 minutes. Even though it seemed more like a hypnosis than proper meditation, it was incredibly relaxing and I definitely feel more “peaceful” than before. I especially like the “cloud of peace” reference, made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Oh, forgot to mention that yesterday’s guided meditation with Maritza yielded a solution to my numb feet – she suggested the use of a “meditation pillow” and I have to say, my feet feel much better.

Meditation: Day 9

Did the P.M Meditation with Maritza DVD without the yoga portion, total time ended up being just over 15 minutes. I don’t understand how people manage to do this for half and hour, I think it was the longest 15 minutes I’ve ever experienced. Just couldn’t get into it today, actually ended up opening my eyes and watching Maritza and her freakishly straight posture for the last 5 minutes. Ah well, there is always tomorrow.

Day 8

Busy day, only had time to do a 6 minute guided Breath meditation. Only did it to keep the habit alive but it was actually a nice little break.

Meditation: Day 7

Option used: “Breath” and “Body Scan” meditations (guided meditations from Daniel Goleman’s audiobook)

Effort required: 8/10

When: Before lunch

Total time: 22 minutes

How I felt before: I did not want to do it, really had to force myself

How I felt during: Promised myself that I would be able to stop after the 6 minute Breath meditation, but then kept the earphones on when the Body Scan one started so thought “what the hell, may as well”. The body scan was super relaxing, maybe a little too relaxing – I may or may not have fallen asleep for a few seconds.

How I felt after: Drowsy but relaxed

Lessons: Put a sweatshirt on or turn down air conditioning, when doing the body scan. It gets pretty cold on the floor when you’re lying there motionless for 18 minutes.

Meditation: Day 6

Option used: “Mindfulness of Breathing” guided meditation (with Dr. Miles Neale)

Effort required: 5/10

When: After breakfast

Total time: 15 minutes

How I felt before: I wanted to get on with my day, so had to read the index card to remind myself of why I wanted to meditate regularly in the first place.

How I felt during: Probably the most “successful” meditation so far. For some reason, I remembered the advice from Rodney Yee’s DVD (that I did on the first day of this 67 day cycle) – his recommendation was to count to 4 on the in breath, then notice the pause and to count to 4 on the out breath, then notice the pause and so on. I tried it again now and this seemed to focus my attention better than just saying in and out. After a few minutes of that, it occurred to me that the sound of my own breathing was reminding me of waves rolling into the beach, so I started to visualize the waves breaking gently and that seemed to help. At some point I opened my eyes and was pretty happy to realize that my gaze was not focused on anything in particular, I think it’s a good sign.

How I felt after: Focused.

Lessons: I still have to read about meditation using visualization but I think this whole wave thing will work well for me.

Meditation: Day 5

Option used: “Mindfulness of Breathing” guided meditation (with Dr. Miles Neale)

Effort required: 2/10

When: After breakfast

Total time: 15 minutes

How I felt before: Eager. I woke up feeling frazzled so was actually looking forward to “just breathing”.

How I felt during: I have a 3 months puppy that can’t stand still for even a second and I seem to have a mind that’s just as restless. 15 minutes felt like a very long time. Matthieu Ricard says that “the spinal column [should be] quite straight, like a pile of gold coins”. My spinal column is more like the leaning tower of Pisa and the more relaxed I get, the slumpier my posture gets. Other than that, I did manage to have a few moments of what I think meditation should look like.

How I felt after: Calm and alert. Yay.

Lessons: I need to find a way to monitor my posture that will not be too much of a distraction, the slumpier it gets – the sleepier I seem to get, which, from what I understand, is as undesirable as being too restless.

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