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My friends showed up in the afternoon

to keep me company and play with my kids. Wow. Such warmth and love I haven’t encountered in so long, it almost feels foreign.

They wait patiently while ZZ serves tea in solemn silence with her pink plastic tea set. They read comics with Pearl, and listen to her poetry. They cheer my Lionheart on while he whirls his nunchuks. And they cuddle Smile after she sings for them.

It’s beautiful. We’re all richer for it, and a little kinder.

Despite the fact that

my back is killing me, my girls are gone, my nose is running, my head is spinning, my heart beating out of rhythm….despite all that, it’s kinda been a nice day.

It’s raining softly, I watched Friends with my 14 year old boy and ate delivered Chinese. Then I crawled back into bed to listen to the distant thunder.

Nice really.

So we had this meeting yesterday...

a group of women, queer women. We’ve decided to form a support group, a space of openess, and have a weekly meeting. It’s big, never been really done before in this city, for women at least.

I’ll lead the group. Hehe, that was a bit unexpected, but welcomed all the same. Should be fun, and a good challenge too.

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