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Mark has written 10 entries about this goal

It's so hard.

I really go back and forth with this line of work. Some days I feel positive. But most days I would rather do and be somewhere else. In the mean time I have other things that I value and that make me happy.
I remember that Avenue Q song “For Now”

Study. 42 days till exam day.

An hour a day.
A 2nd class gets more pay.

Test done until March..

So I don’t know the results until November. Until then I can work on other goals. This will now be close to last.
I think I did pretty good. Only time will tell.

I'm on Leave

So I’m taking a week of leave just to study for my exam. I want to be HM2. Just to get it out of the way. That’s not a good reason. So maybe I don’t deserve to pick up. I know I will work hard though. I plan getting a high score this time around. I’m shooting for a 70.
I have no excuse to not study.
I’m just studying and working out. No other distractions. If I don’t pick up. It’s whatever. Next time.

I studied some correspondence and decedant affairs.

i really need to start studying

1 hour and 30 minutes.
I read about dental sterilization and universal precautions.
I read about HsaP. I’m tired to tell what that stands for.
I got a good gist of that instruction.
It was about individual augmentation to navy sailors.
to where ever in the world.
very in depth. very boring I’ll write some more tomorrow.

16 weeks until September 13

It seems picking up rank has always been an easy goal to set.
I missed my mark this time by 6 points. I know the game and I know I can pick up next time. I just have to put in the work.
I have 16 weeks to study for the next exam. Then I have to wait and see again if I make it.
I have to set time to study and really know the material.
I will study 30 minutes a day.

Test results came out.

I missed it by 6 points. Pretty good test score. No awards. No PNA. No big deal. Next time. I’m in the Navy till 2017. All I have is time. More time to become an awesome HM3.

Nothing but your mind and motivation

Guam will be a challenge. Perhaps the hardest thing in my life. The hardest thing because it is in the present. It is up to me to not let it break me. I studied a bit today.

A little bit everyday

Almost a week into Guam. I studied just a little bit everyday. I met a chief here that told me a good technique to accomplish this goal.
1. Print it all the bibs.
2. Read all the bibs.
3. Read them again. Highlight All the important things that could be on the test.
4. Type all the highlighted portions into question and answer form.
5. Make Giant binder into Study guide with your future rank.” Study Guide for HM2 Magpusao”
5. Study during the time you get paid i.e. duty, down-time.

I'm in Guam..

I’m now stationed on Guam. All I have is time. If I don’t pick up this time. I will pick up next September. So all is well. I must study a little but every day.

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