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Read the Count of Monte Cristo

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I read a little bit more last night.

I picked this book because when I saw the movie i thought it was a really good story.
I saw this story as something that I can relate to at this point in my life. The overall patience of Edmond. He was trapped on the Chataeu D’If for 14 years. I am going to be on Guam for two years. Then another 3 years left in the Navy. Edmond had so much time to think about his plan when he escaped. All I have is time to think and conjour up my great escape with plans of grandeur. It will be magnificent when I get off this island.
I love when literature transcends past art into life.

This is kind of BS goal.

Spoiler Alert
I just want more completed goals. Most of my goals I have require a lot of time. I plan on completing this in a month. While I am writing this I realize that I have a lot of long term goals. I don’t have any real good short term goals. So this is one of those short ones.
I just read the up to the part where he is about to escape.

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