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learn to play the mandolin

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references for whoever

These websites helped me a lot.

I guess having prior music knowledge about half steps, whole steps, intervals, arpeggios, and chords helped too so I would encourage any beginners to either get a mandolin teacher or take a beginning keyboard or guitar class, but these websites can probably teach you a lot like they taught me.


and go to to look up chords for songs you know because they’re good motivation.

you know...

I cant really improvise on it that well but I’m pretty comfortably with my mandolin knowledge. I’m about as good on it as I was on the guitar about a year ago, so I’m thinking this goal is done.

I just need to keep playing and learning new songs and chords. ‘Cause it’s like everyone plays guitar now. I gotta bring something different to this town…

Curious. . .

now, I’m kindof wondering at which point I can say “Yes, I’ve learned how to play mandolin”

thats the odd thing about learning instruments.

I’ve already learned the chords to some songs I like but I don’t really feel like I can say I know how to play the mandolin yet. I guess maybe when I learn how to read mandolin sheet music and become comfortable with playing while reading and with improvising, I’ll move it to my completed list.

well… on to phase three.


Just got a mandolin for my birthday on monday

I changed the tuning to eadg so I can play guitar chords and notes on it until I get used to fingering the freakishly small frets with my freakishly large hands.

I must be retarded...

I’ve already dabbled with playing
and harmonica

most of which were just in the past 3 years and now I want to pick up the mandolin.

it sucks being part of a musical family. it makes you crazy.

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