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Best Code Editor     Autocomplete, syntax and semantic checks. For SystemVerilog, e, VHDL

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I’m a point where using emacs is almost second nature. I think about what I want to do, and the commands just come. Loving this.

Emacs on the command line (ncurses)

I used Emacs on the command line, and it really felt natural, the command line and the GUI really aren’t that different. Notwithstanding the fact that Emacs is a very powerful tool, I hardly had to leave it for most of my work. I soo need to discover other interesting modes lol.

Using Emacs

Now that I’m using Emacs everyday you say I’m pretty much comfortable with it. I have to say I love Magit, CPerl-Mode and the Org-Mode among others. I seriously considering learning LISP so I can extend emacs in my personal way. Great program!

What and Where I am using emacs

I use Emacs at home and at work. As far as various task goes, I use it for programming, text editing, configuration files, news, integrated work environment, with git through magit. That’s some of uses I have found so far, but I am certain there are many many more.


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