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stretch every day

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I've been bad

Really, I’ve been bad about everything. Just existing feels like a chore lately. There’s a yoga class 3 or 4 x a week down at the climbing gym, so I took advantage yesterday and went down. It’s good because I don’t have the opportunity to goof off while I’m there like at home. In terms of strength and flexibility I’m far below even the second worst person in the class. But that’s ok. My ego was crushed years ago. Now it’s just about me. I was aching in some surprising places by the time I got home, but that’s what I was looking for. Of course went back to neglecting things as soon as I got home. Maybe I’ll force myself to get off this computer and get in some stretching and a run this morning.

Note to self

Playing around on 43T will not get me closer to my goals. Did finally drag myself away from the computer to do my morning stretches. Today is a “stretch day”. I’m taking a break from all other exercises and just stretch. I also spend more time on stretches on these days. Noticing a little progress, not significant. But I haven’t been so good about keeping at it either. That’s my focus for now. Then I can worry about progress.


One negative about tying my stretches in w. my other exercises is that I tend to forget my stretches when I’m not exercising, whether it’s a rest day or I’m just goofing off. Yet another thing I need to work on.

Yesterday I was a pitiful slug. But that’s normal on V-day for me.

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