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get my driver's license

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I did it! Yay:)


Today I had my exam; I failed. I was so nervous I felt sick all the way to the exam. At the exam itself I had to turn it into postive energy. I succeeded with that somehow. I drove really well – It felt good. I failed because I should have looked more behind me before turning a corner. I was a case of doubt, I really almost passed. I became much more secure of it – because I truly know I can drive now, even though I failed.

Hopefully I will drive like this with my next exam and then with looking more behind me when turning a corner

(please forgive me for the Dutchness in this entry, I have a headache)


Things are going slightly better.. but not enough.
It will pose a problem because my university will start soon and then I’ll move to campus again and won’t be able to do my practical exam. I need to get that license!


Okay.. For some reason, driving seems not to be made for me.
Maybe my mind is too chaotic and filled with dreams and thoughts and things. I do not seem to get control over the car – I don’t do things automatically while I ought to do so..
I have troubles with a lot of things, but crossroads in general. Too much thinking about what I should do instead of doing it, too much doubts about whether or not to go or to stop – etc.
I’m hopeless.. But determined. Though I’m starting to hate it.

It’s going to be a long road to my driver’s licence…

At least I passed my theoretical exam.


Okay.. I could have known it. I don’t seem to learn anything at all. I am such an idiot when it comes to driving!


Today I sucked. First I forgot to put my safety-belt and the lights on, then I let the engine fall out for about 4 times. (in 1 hour). Maybe because it was dark and I nervous because of a big crossroad or whatever.. Blah. I feel stupid.

Yesterday was better…


I’m not really the kind of person who goes driving for fun – I mean… why not go with public transport when it’s as easy (or easier, safer(or that’s at least what I assume) and better for the environment. However, my parents want me to be more independent, especially since they know I’m planning to go abroad again. So here I am, taking driving lessons each day for the rest of my winter break (6 weeks) and hopefully I will have a driver’s licence by then.

And today I had my first lesson – and I drove around without making any accidents :) (Woohoo – I really didn’t let the engine/car fall out – how do you say that in English?) – And I really did all the crossroads and roundabouts. But I still need to do a lot (of course) and I don’t feel like explaining it in English because I suck at that. And I have my theoretical exam this Thursday.

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