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Megan has written 6 entries about this goal


I think I’ve found a good balance, or at least I know what kind of balance I need to find. I’m not happy when I’m too busy, and I’m not happy when I have too much free time. I think the perfect thing for me would be to have a part time job, something that I enjoy, and then enough time to do housework and the hobbies I enjoy. I’m hoping to get my dream job at this theatre company I found, and that would be part time, so if that works out, I may just have found the perfect situation for me.


I don’t know if I have an anxiety problem or what, but today I did very little, and I felt so guilty about it. I got up a little late, watched tv, did a puzzle, and read a magazine. The one constructive thing I did was hang flyers for my dance camp. However, the whole day I felt like I should be getting something done! Granted, there are things I need to do, such as clean my house, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a day to just relax and do fun things. I think I need to do this more often to become comfortable with it!

It's May!

Time to relax! I finally finished up my musical and my job, so I now have lots of time to myself. I do need to differentiate between relaxing and doing nothing and relaxing and doing stuff I like to do. I think I’ll be doing much more of the latter type. I have lists and lists of things that I want to do, and now that I have time, I plan on accomplishing quite a bit! So I don’t know that I’ll just be sitting around relaxing, but I will definitely have more time for myself and things I want to do, which is what I was lacking before. And with all the time I have, there should even be time for a little bit of the former type of relaxing. My husband comes home from work every day and usually lies down in the living room and watches tv. He likes it when I join him, so maybe I’ll do that more often now. We’ll give it a few weeks and see if I can’t cross this one off!

Maybe in May...

It’s pretty sad that I’m looking forward to another month in which I might be able to relax, but April has just been too busy. I’ve been working a full time job, plus rehearsing and performing in my show, which has been so tiring. A normal day for me has been leaving my house before 5am and getting home after 7pm, which is just too long. I’m a little worried that once May comes around, I will be so bored, but there are lots of things that I want to do, hence this list and my 43things before children list, so hopefully I can keep busy and relax an equal amount. I’m excited to have so much free time, because I’m ready to start running hard core again, and trying to lose weight like I did before I started working full time. I wanted to lose about 19 pounds, and I did lose 9, so I’d like to lose the rest now! Anyway, as of May 5th I have nothing that I have to do until June 6th, when I leave on a week long vacation to Korea… I will start working a few hours a day for my dad, but I wish I could get a part time job. Until I have children, a part time job would be good for me, because I do like to be somewhat busy, with enough time for myself. I’m afraid that too much free time will not be good for me, but we’ll see. Hopefully soon enough we’ll have a baby on the way, and then I will start cherishing my free time! :)

I suck at this...

I can’t tell you the last time I truly relaxed. I even schedule my “relaxation” time! I’ll put my relaxing things on my to do list, such as finishing a magazine. Then I feel like I’m trying to accomplish something rather than just chilling out and enjoying it. But I don’t know if I’ll change. I do enjoy keeping busy and getting things done with my time, so I may give up on this goal, but we’ll keep it for now.

I'm a pretty busy person...

...but I tend to be more stressed out than necessary. I spend my days off cleaning my house, and when I find some free time, I usually spend it on one of the many projects I have going on. I have a mentality that is always focused on what I can accomplish with the time that I have. I rarely just relax and do nothing. Even watching tv or reading a book I would count as relaxing, but I don’t do that too often. So I’m going to try to spend more time relaxing, because I have years and years to do the things I feel are so important now. On a more short term note, I’m hoping to get pregnant very soon, and I will stop working in a couple of months, and at that point I will have many days where I have hours to myself to do what I want to do. Right now it is difficult because I work all day, plus I have three early morning rehearsals a week, plus I do all the housework. I’m even auditioning for another show this week, which would start rehearsals in the evenings soon. So I am definitely going to be a very busy lady for the next two months, but after that, I should have lots of free time. So to make a long long entry longer, my goal is to find some time every day to relax and just rid my mind of stress and worries. I hear that will help me get pregnant, too! :)


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