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Im getting sick and tired of it.

You guys. Can we PLEASE stop the drama?! And the name calling? We’re supposed to be a FAMILY here. To be together, to stick through thick and thin. I personally don’t like all the fighting and argument. And I’m sure a LOT of people don’t either. So PLEASE stop. please?


how should i fuse my two personalities?>..< HELP
one is dark, on is light. Like, opposites, so yes, it gets VERY confusing! Sort of like this.

Join me in chatzy?:3

So I comined my personalities :P

soft…yet…not :P
light…yet…dark >:3

Man, my personalities

I am very confused on which one to use >..<


I want to be a devil imp o: :3

which neko am I to you?

I already have this:
SO after taking about #37 of quizzes for “what kind of neko” I am I got;
Kawaii/cute/sweet/fun/chibi : 9
goth/emo/dark/vampire : 9
warrior : 2
shy : 5
child/kid : 1
magic: 1
mean : 1
slave: 2
gamer: 1
adventurous: 3
playful : 2
sexy/naughty :2….which one am I?(in your opinion. you can even make up your own category xD you can choose more than one as well)

x3 hmm, I wanna know.


if I had a wing(i probably do…just on the inside xD) the muscle just twitched on my left side. ALL of it o-o xD yay. how far is this?

oh, a couple of days ago, I had a dream that i saw the feather bumps quickly growing and the feather coming out. like in a movie. I’m like “oh shit! :D”

This is beautiful :3 I cry :'c

I wish I had a gf like this(I’m more like Marceline. In fact, lease please call me that from now on :3 thanks~ )

(edit: I’m bisexual xD )


my back itches!! :DD

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