Merlleena in Derby is doing 38 things including…

stop collecting art supplies and start creating art


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Merlleena has written 2 entries about this goal


Well i did another sketch of an Oak Tree last night, its a start to the grounding prosses. Maybe i’ll scan it and put it on my profile. Will have to gather some confidence first though. lol


This goal made me giggle as the other week i bought some sketch pads and some charchol. I like to doodle trees as it helps to ground me, soooooo i thought if i bought the above i could sketch properly and save them for my kids. Well up to date i’ve only done one tree and haven’t picked the pad up since, i don’t even doodle anymore. Its a cofidence thing with me as i don’t think im any good at drawing. When i sketched my tree i kept telling myself “theres no such thing as perfection” when i finished it i thought “damn thats pretty perfect” perhaps i should keep telling myself theres no such thing as perfection with alot of things in my life, maybe then (in my eyes atleast) they may turn out to be pretty perfect. lol
Mmmmmm me thinks i have perfection issues. lol



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