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master cleanse

5 cheers


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I can't stomach the LA drink

I just can’t get it down. I had six glasses yesterday of which 2 I immediately threw back up, so I drank another 2 after and managed to keep them down. The others made me feel sick.

I tried different variations warm, cold, more, less. Nothing worked better.

This morning I couldn’t bring myself to drink more than half of it. I gagged the whole time.

I went and bought some Maple Syrup B and A and these had the same effect. I tried Lime also and altho better still not great.

The SWF was easy this morning, altho a little gipping was going on, it actually tasted ok. And worked in about 15 mins. OMG what a wierd feeling lol.

I don’t want to break the fast as I’ve run all today on just water and I’m not bothered about the hunger feeling.

I was thinking maybe going until Monday on just water. As I read about about 3 day water fast/detox. Either that or switching to a Juice Detox.

I like the idea of master cleanse, but if I’m not doing the drink correctly I’m not really doing the master cleanse am I?

This posts sounds like I’m quitting but I’m staying on the fast until I decide what to do.

Any advice?

Effects your concentration?

Just a quick question.

I have my driving Theory Test on 17th so day 5.

Do you think been on the cleanse will effect my concentration or results?

Will it depend on weather I having a good day or a bad one?


I started this morning.

Nobody doing it with me now, my girlfriend said she might join in once I’ve done a few days. And the guy at the office for some reason thinks it will be bad for him because he drinks alot of alchol shrug

Oh well, I love a challange.

Roll on day 14 lol.

Getting nervous now

From excitment of doing the cleanse, my items arrived today and I have everything I need to start the cleanse.

It’s made me a little nervous which is strange really.

Or maybe I’m mistaking this feeling inside for nerves when it really is excitment. Hell I don’t know lol. Don’t even know why I’m writing this message.

I'll be starting soon

I was planning on starting this at the begining of the year. In a small group of people. But 2 of them pulled out.

I had problems finding the Maple Syrup No 2, No1 wasn’t as difficult, but even then the supplies were always limited.

It also seamed really expensive online 330g Syrup £5.76. I would use that per day, granted it’s not loads of money but still.

I looked into the Blackstrap Molasses, that stan says you can use also. This was much cheaper. £1.65 for 750g 2-3 days worth. Sounds better than £5.76 per day.

So I ordered 9 bottles which will easily be enough for 2 people for 14 days. This should be arriving in the next couple of days, So I’ll look to start it on Friday the 12th Jan.

I just hope my girlfriend can stick it out with me.

you’ll no doubt hear from me on friday :)

Still to do it?

Well my girlfriend has decided not to do it. Since she has a couple of christmas parties during the 10 days, so wants to do it after christmas.

I still want to do it and would have prefered to do it with someone.

Can’t decide if I should wait till after christmas. If I can, I’m not great at waiting and at the moment I’m in a just do it phase of life.

I’ll have to think a little on it today

Starting Wednesday Night

Found out about this by just browsing the internet. After reading up on it it sounds like a good idea.

I’ve recently (1 month ago) stopped smoking and stopped eating fast food (2 months ago). After 27 years of pretty much eating rubbish, I should be ready for a clean out.

I spoke to my girlfriend and she’s heard of this already, so we decided to start wednesday night.

Should be fun haha

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