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read the old testament

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2 Samuel – DONE


Ruth- DONE
1 Samuel – DONE


Judges – DONE


Judges – DONE


Joshua – DONE.

I knew the OT would be different from the new, but I’m just really amazed by the amount of fighting. And it just seems so random. God’s just happy to be like ‘yeah, so go over there, kill those people and take their land’. I’m having trouble kind of understanding why that’s ‘ok’... haha. It’s just such a sharp contrast to the loveliness of ‘turn the other cheek’. Anyway, time to move on to Judges!


Deuteronomy – done

Slowly but surely

Numbers – done

And I am now over half way through Deuteronomy. When is Moses going to stop giving me advice about atonement, warfare, and tithes!? I am still REALLY not feeling the OT… but I am hoping things pick up in Joshua.

So far... a little fun, a little boring, a lot random.


I never realized how incredibly LONG the OT is. I am 3 books down and still have 36 to go.
I also have to admit I am finding it incredibly boring for the most part. Genesis and the start of Exodus was fun because it is more of a narrative but then half way through Exodus and all the way through Leviticus it is just rules. REALLY random rules! Like how many cubits to make the curtains that hang in your temple. If you are too poor to sacrifice a cow, how many doves to kill instead. I can totally understand now how much sense it does not make to quote Leviticus to argue against things like homosexuality, because there is very little in there that is at all relevant to modern life and the practicing of religion today.
Anyway, I’m still glad I’m reading it. I’m on to Numbers now… hopefully I’ll get more into it.

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