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Convince parents to get a puppy


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My parents will never be convinced to adopt a puppy. I’ve been doing lots of research about dogs. Like never buy dog/dog food from pet stores because your supporting puppy mills. I taken care of my Uncle’s dogs when he was away for two days. I stayed at his house with my brother to take care of them. And trust me, the dogs were aggressive. There were like 5 Doberman Pinschers. But I looked online to ger rid of the dogs jumping and the biting habit, and luckily me and my brother got rid of the habits of 2 of the dogs. We couldnt train the other 3 dogs but they made a little progress. So I asked my parents If we can adopt a dog but they still said NO! My parents always think all dogs are huge and aggresive. I keep telling them there are always small dogs. One day when I asked my mom if she can take me to the pet store and play with the puppies (i know crazy huh? but there wasnt a shelter that lets you play with the dogs close to us unless you adopt them) and my mom said there was a lot of cute puppies and she finally agreed a little. I cant convince her completely yet. So any ideas so i can convince them??


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