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grow wings

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You know what? I’m giving up on this. I don’t want to get wings or anything anymore.


God, my back aches so much! Dx


Day 20! :)


Day 15!!

More pics in the comments.


This is my eye, enjoy it!! D:<

Lol, that’s my eye on a perfect day … it’s so perfect! D:<

I’m not being self center. This picture is going to do me a service of comparison. cough Faine knows cough


Woohoo~ Tomorrow’s my day 15! :3

Oh, I have since poison berry juice ….don’t worry, I’m not gonna drink it, I’m making dye!:3


Oh my god, yes!!!!!

We finally have 1,234 members!!!!!



Just woke up. Back still kinda hurts. I have STAAR today on science, but I have no idea in which classroom I’m taking it in. Dx


is reading a good book ^^ gets a pulsing, sharp pain on my right sideo: tries to keep reading book, but the pain is worse and won’t go away e.e uh! I hate interruptions.

How are you guys? Wing progress?


Oh shit. The voices are coming back to me. Dx Whatever, it’s all good … this time, a girl spoke to me momentarily. She said, “nice” e.o

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