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My BMW is within reach!!!

OMG!!! I logged into my dashboard this afternoon to check on my group sales volume and I’m only $121 away from becoming a Regional Director and earning my BMW bonus!!! OMG!!! I LOVE VISALUS!!! Back in June, when I started using and selling ViSalus products, I wasn’t entirely convinced that this was achievable for me. But then I figured, what the hell. I mean, it’s only $500 to sign up and become a distributor and, in the grand scheme of life, that isn’t a lot of money. And I figured I had nothing to lose but weight (which is awesome!) so I threw myself into this home-based business and now I’ve almost got my BMW!!! Woohoo!!! Mom & Dad said they’d place an order to make up the $121, but I really want to do this without their help. I like to be self-sufficient and I think it will feel incredible to know that Matt & I did this together ‘cuz he has definitely brought in a few customers for me and I couldn’t have done it without him. So now the only thing left to figure out is if I want the car or the cash. I’m thinking I’ll probably take the cash because we’re trying to save up for the wedding in August. Although, it would be really awesome to have a brand new BMW parked in my driveway! But I’m practical, so I’ll probably take the money, LOL! Although maybe after the wedding, I’ll take my monthly BMW bonus and actually get myself the car. Or maybe I’ll put it towards the money we’re saving for a downpayment on a house. Or, better yet, I’ll use it to pay off the debt that Matt & I have. The possibilities are endless!!! OMG!!! I’m so excited!!!

Today was a great day!

When I had my Body by Vi Challenge party last month, one of my friends signed up to do her own 90-Day Challenge. She bought a Transformation Kit & today, I got my very first cheque for the commission I made off of that sale! Woohoo! I’m very excited! Unfortunately, the US dollar is worth less than the Canadian dollar at the moment, so when I cashed my cheque, I got dinged on the exchange rate. Oh well. If I keep selling ViSalus, maybe I’ll just open a USD savings account & withdraw my money when the exchange rate is better. Or get a passport & go on a trip to the US somewhere :)

And speaking of selling ViSalus products, I signed into my email account this afternoon & discovered that a classmate of mine from college had gone to my website & purchased a Kit on her own. I had been trying to get her to buy the Core Kit ‘cuz it has daily vitamins & energy drinks as well, but she went with the Shape Kit. Hopefully she’ll switch over later ‘cuz I think the muiti-vitamins & antioxidants in the Vi-Pak would be really good for her health.

I was so excited to see that email saying I’d sold another Kit, hehehe! Maybe I’ll be able to sell enough to make a decent amount of money & quit that job I have where my boss is an idiot. A girl can hope, hehehehe! :)

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