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I will restart running three times a week an run my first race on 1st July2012!

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Yayyyyyy! This is the third day without any pain! I can take the stairs again! Since a month the first time I enjoyed my walk to work! I am so happy soon I can restart running! Once again YAAAY

The Past

I started running the first time when I was 17. And I loved it! It was my possibility to forget about all the things that I hated about my life. I also joined a Dancegroup. Then I fell ill with depression because I have been bullied plus I was in a abusive relationship with a sick bastard. That was when I gained 30Kg/60Lbs in just 3month an I started hateing my body.

Then I started running again when I was 21 but I soon had to quit because my body was still struggeling with the huge amount of wheight.

I started dieting and soon lost 15Kg. But then I hit a plateau wich is where I am now.

In September 2011 I restarted running and soon improved. I still love the feeling – I simply love everything about running!

Sadly the next thing that happende was that I injured my knee badly while working. For about one week I couldn´t do anything.
Now it is better but not fully healed. Doc doesn´t want me to restart running before New Year. He wants it to be 150% healed. I am struggeling with this because I want to run so bad. I just bought a nice Winter Thight and a Winter Sweater for running and was so excited to run in it!

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