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that ole devil called love

I had my first date yesterday since the awful break up with the man I knew to be the “one”.
It was a perfect date, he was sweet and very attentive. I found him attractive and desirable but the minute I got home I bawled my eyes out. I never knew I could take such pain and survive. I cant hate my ex because he was a lovely person and I cant hate him for not being able to make a commitment to me. I could have manipulated him to marry me but that would have been a trashy love. I choose to believe that if something truly belongs to you, then it will always back to you. The thing is, he wasn’t meant for me. He will make some lucky woman very happy.
I try and accept that to him I was not his “one” or the timing was wrong for us but every now again, I hate the universe for introducing me to something so beautiful and taking it away for no reason. It has been eight months and I love him just as much as I did then…this is heartbreak. I hope I dont die of a broken heart.


I am luckier than a lot of people. I found love for nearly two years. I think he was my soul mate. I would think about him and he would call me at that same moment. My name was wrapped within his initials.. but life can be cruel and it has taken a lot to come be able to write about. Will I love again? Sometimes I think it is impossible to be that happy with anybody else. I kissed a lot of frogs to find this prince.. But I am taking the first step to open my mind to the possibility that maybe, somewhere ,there is another delicious loving being whom I can love and who love me back without fears. I start this journey today.

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