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travel around the world


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The World Is Out There...

...and I can’t afford to experience it! It’s not fair! I hate being stuck in one place, doing the same job everyday, going to school, and ironing my clothes so I can do it all over again. If I could take a long drive once in a while, that would ease the boredom. But gas is expensive! One of these days, when I’ve earned enough money, I want to see the world. It’s not enough for me to look in an encyclopedia and read about a foreign country. I want to see it and touch it! I want to be there. I want to hang out in Tahiti, then fly to Nepal, then fly to Morocco, then fly to Russia, then fly to Japan, then fly to Turkey, then fly to Australia, then fly to Greenland, then fly to Ghana, then fly to India, then fly to… BLAH! Whatever! Wherever! Anywhere in the world! I don’t want to see the same place for more than a week. There’s so much to see. And it will cost thousands and millions of dollars to travel everywhere. You know what would be cool? To be able to tell my friends that I visited EVERY FREAKINNATION IN THIS WORLD. How many people have done that? Journalists do that kind of stuff. The only problem is: I can’t visit Cuba ‘cause my government won’t let me. Oh well. It would be fun to get special permission to do so. Like those National Geographic photographers. They get permission to travel to ANY nation. They get all-access passes to the whole got damn world. Anyway, that’s my dream. “Climb every mountain…ford every stream….”


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