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I am still

waiting for the green light from my nurse so I can start working out. I have put on a lot of weight post surgery and the weather in the UK has been amazing so its not been nice feeling like a whale :( it could be another 3 weeks before I am allowed to work out. So I have just been eating little and as healthy as I can.

I have put on

weight since having an operation on my back, this also means no exercise for a while. Its pretty depressing seeing myself get bigger and not being able to do much about it but I guess my health comes first. I actually miss the gym which is something I thought I would never say!

I am trying

to follow a healthier lifestyle, so I have stopped having all fizzy drinks and I am sticking to plain water, herbal tea as well as normal tea and coffee (none of the calorific kinds from Starbucks etc.)

I am trying to drink a lot more water and snack more on fruit and also get moving a bit more. I will start doing my exercise DVD at least 4 times a week to speed the process of getting good results up. I am also trying to build exercise into my everyday routine, when the weather gets a bit better here I will start walking a lot more because I do enjoy it and it is a easy way to get some exercise into the day. I am no longer skipping meals because its just not good for you. I make the time to have breakfast, lunch and dinner and my body now naturally feels hungry when it is time to eat.

I am trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle so that I feel less tired and get less ill, loosing weight is a bonus.

I need to

start putting a bit more effort into this goal! Going to a class tomorrow on healthy eating, I just do not have a clue how to prepare healthy filling meals that do not leave me starving after! The exercise part just is not an issue, I enjoy working out but the weight is not coming off easy so it must be my eating.

This year

I cut out having sugar in my tea and I realised how much better it tastes! I doubt I will be going back to having sugar now. I start running next week and I am excited, hope this year is going to be a happy and healthy one for everybody :)

I have

started using my mini trampoline, because I can use it in front of the TV, its fun and low impact exercise. I want to start slow as I build my fitness up.

My goal

is to get into shape by summer 2012, I have given myself a long term goal because I know it has taken me a lot of time to put this weight on so it will not come off overnight. I do not want to crash diet, I want to live a better lifestyle and change my bad habits. I am going to eat less food that is bad for me and consume more vegetables and learn to cook healthier meals, I will combine this with cardiovascular exercise and some light weight training to tone and define my muscles.

Went hiking the other day as a date and

it was great fun! It is just such a fun way to keep active and all those steep hills are great for toning. I am going to buy a mini trampelline for my house so that I can exercise in front of the TV everyday and I have cut my portions slightly, now I will start introducing healthier alternatives into my diet. I am also going to start reading Skinny Bitch to motivate myself.

My trouble is...

That I have literally no motivation, so tomorrow I will be joining weight watchers with my friend to meet like minded people and doing it so publicly will hopefully keep me on track. I now know that this is not a change for a bit but it is a lifestyle change. It feels good to finally start being a bit more proactive about this goal!

Time to start taking this seriously...

Going to join a slimming club with my friend purely for motivation and just to change my outlook on eating and being healthy. I realise that this is not a quick fix and I am pretty much going to have to change my life style.

First I will get into my new way of eating which may consist of more smaller meals as oppose to three bigger ones. Then I will join the gym again and get more active.

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