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Devise a single girl to do list :)

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Updated to do list:

Continuous makeovers and transforming myself, I tend to get bored with one look so easily but this must be done on a budget, no overspending.

Exercise regime- I am starting to get into running and I wish to keep this up. I want to be fit and healthy.

Do something extreme, say yes more- bungee jump, sky dive. I want to have these experiences to look back on.

Get a tattoo- now is defiantly the time with nobody to answer to.

Buy myself something expensive a one-off expensive purchase because I need to treat myself if nobody else will :)I also cannot feel guilty about it afterwards.

Completely stop smoking because it is just not good for me. I currently smoke socially and this is pointless because it is just harming my health.

Travel- become a person who has had these interesting experiences.

Become more confident- confidence is sexy. I should work on this while I am single.

Keeping up with current affairs and expanding my knowledge.

Focusing on studying and getting where I want to be, be am independent and successful woman before I meet someone.

Voluntary work, there is nothing like doing this to make you feel fortunate for what you do have.

Focus on my friends and making new ones.

Have a good social life

Have hobbies and classes to go to outside of work, try new ones and find out what my interests are.

Continue to dress for me and not be a slave to fashion

Continue pampering myself at least once a week and taking care of what I look like.

Read more and no chick lit, it must be something that will help me build up knowledge and something that I can learn from.


Save up
Get independent
Start house hunting
Look smoking every single day :)
Go on holiday with my girls

Without a man in my life..

I have started focusing more on making friends and meeting new people and this is great :)

I am working on my confidence and I feel like it has been built up a fair bit but this is something I will continue to work on

I am trying to live my life more healthily and I am going to cut back on foods which do not make me feel good and focus on getting into shape

I wear heels literally everyday because they make me feel sexy :)I wear them for me and they boost my confidence a lot

I dress more individually, I follow the odd trend but I am not a slave to fashion

I get out and about as much as possible and try to try new things :)

I am focusing on studying and building a career for myself

I am planning an amazing holiday after my exams and such a stressful year

I pamper myself a lot more and make time for me :)

I want to start reading a lot more, learning more so then when I do meet someone I will be able to hold my own in a conversation

There comes a point..

In literally every girls life where she thinks- screw men.

I have come to that point, after a series of lacklustre dates I have decided to look again at what it I want. I came to the conclusion that although everyone around me thinks I should be dating I don’t really want to.

So I am going to start making the most of being single, do the things that I want to do and be selfish.. :)

This list is going to celebrate me being single..

I have started by devising a kick-ass single girl playlist for my iPod and got rid of any songs that are depressing or about love etc.. Songs include Destiny’s Child Independent Woman, TLC No Scrubs, RESPECT.. etc..

Any suggestions are welcome for both the playlist and the single girl to do list.. :)

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