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play in the snow for the first time ever!

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the first snow man i saw freaked me out a little!

i was just walking through the forest, smelling and jumping in and scratching at this awesome new snow stuff, when all of a sudden i spotted this freaky looking thing! he had weird twiggy arms! i was definitely a little weirded out. but then i smelled him and decided he was cool after all.

going to see the snow was the best surprise ever. it was awesome. i loved it.

where i live it doesn't snow

i am a southern california dog, so i have never even seen snow. still, i just know that i am a snow dog deep down!

i have seen pictures and videos of other dogs playing in the snow and it looks like more fun than a barrel of squirrels!!!!

okay, okay, so i have to admit that i don’t really get what snow is. but i will soon! soon…

i will need my owners to drive. i can only pray that maybe, just maybe, they will take me….

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