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do yoga


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Maria has written 4 entries about this goal

It has been a bumpy road for me...

I’ve been taking yoga classes for a year and a half now. I’m trying to do yoga at home as much as i can, but lately it has been a real struggle. Winter pretty much brings me down, low energy, having to many things to do, and i started slowing down my progress. And I don’t even have the energy to my classes anymore, because now i travel a lot everyday and when i come home in the evening i prefer to die than move my body at all.
I hope this gets better in 2011, i really need to make an effort to keep up.

The best thing ever

I started taking yoga classes on 23 march and absolutely EVERY time i go, it makes me feel incredible! My body has suffered changes, because once i got active with yoga i started jogging on the days when i dont have a yoga class and on the weekends i do yoga with my father:) it’s pure love and attention for the body and mind too, and every day that goes by i realize that yoga is more than physical, more than spiritual, more than philosophy, it all toghether and even much deeper! I strongly recommend it for everybody.


just had my first class. It felt wonderfull! The poses were not so difficult for me, cause i’m flexible enough after all, i do try to work out whenever i can.
Can’t wait till wednesday!


My latest wish! I’m having my first class tomorrow!!


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