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organize my photos

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Downloaded some more on Flickr....

and got Picasa. Now, I need to make sure the real photos are better organized…..

This is getting pretty close...

I’ve set up a recurring task to organize a little each Sunday via Picasa, and then upload them to Flickr. I have 847 photos now on Flickr. I think this will be close to being done over Christmas Break. I have the analog camera photos in boxes but not really well organized. They’re just placed on in back of another in chronological order so when I scrapbook, I take each box and I know where I left off.

I just now found....

Picasa. I bet this could help me organize all my photos, huh!!!

Anyone have any neat tips on how to use this to the max?

Starting scrapbooking again...

We’re getting together a couple Friday nights a month to do scrapbooking again at work….

Need to upload more onto Flickr.

Need to get back on this one...

by scrapbooking more…and by adding more to Flickr.

My DD looked at what I had on Flickr, too – and she thinks that’s neat.

Maybe a good way to reconnect with her.

More progress made....

I uploaded some more to flickr last night.

On the list today....

to upload more into Flickr – remind my friends and family to sign up so they can see pix of the kids.

Getting there....

Well, digitally, I have them all in thematic folders. I have lots recently added to Flickr, but the real photos – man, I need to devote some time to Creative Memories.

This one will be good.

Ok – Creative Memories, dumping some of those awesome diggies of the kids into Walmart….need LOTS of next actions on this one, peeps!

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