Jill M in Missouri is doing 33 things including…

Go to the gym or walk at least three times a week

22 cheers


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Jill M has written 22 entries about this goal

Started doing it again in August, and I've kept it up!

Now…..to do it EVERY WEEK!!!!

For the sake of my heart....

I have to start doing this. My A1C was 5.7 and I am going for a stress echo on Monday.

I will beat diabetes if it kills me by exercising! Arrrghhh – how did I ever let it get this bad!


What’s this????

See the writing curriculum goal….

However, since I am having a pain in my left shoulder blade, I guess I better start walking! (This pain only after my children make me scream, blow a gasket, and have an aneurysm!)


I need to do this – it helps me not RAGE soooo much! :-)

I've not been consistent...

that’s a problem when you try to actually start a habit over a holiday period…..

I have to get back on track next week.

I walked...

three times this week – today – 2 miles!

I’ll try to wear the pedometer next week the whole time to compute my steps.


I joined the Bob Greene Walking Club on ediets…..I’ll post my stats when I get the pedometer and begin uploading my data to the computer.

This will be interesting. I think I’ll see that I exercise more than I really think I do and that’s why it’s not helping me lose weight is because I am already active and I need to get active differently or in a challenging way.

Ohhhhh teammmm???? Sweetandtasty and Procrastinatress....

I am doing it!!!!!

Ok - so....

I went to the gym Friday morning, and this morning, and I am water walking tonight. If I go to the gym tomorrow, and then Friday, I will have done this for this week.

Ok - I did it!

I went to Riverchase and walked Thursday around the track for 2 miles, and today, I walked the dog in the evening for around 1 1/2 miles.

So far so good….let’s see if I can keep it up next week.

Jill M has gotten 22 cheers on this goal.


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