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write more poetry


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Morghanza has written 4 entries about this goal

Grandpa Robert

Ay cabron!, you use to exclaim,
as you would sit in your chair
looking through your windowpane.
the years of love, laughter, making memories,
is something I cherish
and will always keep with me.
Though the hand’s of time have taken you,
I know somehow we’ll make it through.
If only a warning came before that night,
I would have tried to put a fight.
But life is funny in that way,
You never know if you’ll see another day.
I love and cherish the time I had with you,
My only wish is that it wasn’t through.
you were the founder of who we all are.
But I know to each of us, you we’re our shining star.
Forever you’ll remain with us in our heart’s,
because there we can stay together…,
Forever…, and never be apart.


Paranoid of life.
is this constipation of the mind?
Fret that uncertainty can get the best of me.
Unsure of what tomorrow bring’s.
Scared of what is to be.
Not able to think of anything else,
but what is yet to come.
Makes tomorrow seem like an eternity away,
and an unwanted venture, so it’s easy to go a stray.
For unsure events have already been laid,
Just set to be taken, on a road still unpaved.


Silence is in the air,
though no feeling of discomfort,
there’s a slight tinge of awkwardness.
Not a glimpse of movement, or a hint of sound.
The air speak’s for me, as I exhale.
All word’s that needed to be said,
are instead held captive by the wind.
In which they are then carried away,
to blend, and be ihaled by someone else.
Someone likely more able to speak the words,
which I failed to use.
A cycle of repetiton,as the world goes round,
also do the words, of someones incapable sound.


I am somewhere, between life and death.
Stuck in this solitude called my mind.
No up or down, front or back.
Motionless in the engulfing, pools of my soul.
When all seems lost, a sudden illumination comes from my core,
And crashes over me like a title wave,
and what’s this?, relief, everything is clear.
The world seems anew again,
No darkness, or solitude,
I am reinstated into living with creativity.
As my body flows with invisionment,
I have acheived enlightenment.
For I can now see what has always been instilled in me,
As I finally embrace my creativity.


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