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be fluent in French


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Bonjour tout le monde!

This is my 5th year taking french, I intend on taking 3 more~ I’m close to the top of my class in my accedemic french course this year, and may I say, french is a really fun language to learn :)

all the following are presnt tense regular verbs with there endings. What you do is take off ER, IR ,or RE and replace it with the verb endings. :)

ER verb endings – (with the ER verb “Manger” = To eat)
Je – e = Je mange
Tu – es = Tu manges
Il/ Elle / On / Que – e = Il mange
Nous – ons = Nous mangons
Vous – ez – Vous mangez
Ils / Elles – ent = Ils mangent (ent is silent)

IR verb endings – (With IR verb finir = to finish(also irregular in le passe compose)
Je – is = Je fnis
Tu – is = Tu finis
Il / Elle / On / Que – it = Il finit
Nous – Issons = Nous finissons
Vous – Issez = Vous finissez
Ils / Elles – issent – Ils fnissent

RE verb endings – (with RE verb perdre = to take(also irregualr in le passe compose)
Je – s = Je perds
Tu – s = Tu perds
Il / Elle/ On/ Que – / = Il perd
Nous – ons = Nous perdons
Vous – ez = Vous perdez
Ils / Elles = Ils perdent


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