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Paid off the car

Refinanced the mortgage this month, which allowed me to skip this month’s mortgage payment. Just enough to pay off the rest of the car loan! One more credit card to pay off and it’ll be done! That should happen next month. Very cool! Almost over! And time to buy a new car…lol.

Tax money!

Gotta love tax returns. I have cleared 2 more this month, with 2 more left to go. If all goes well, should be clear by June!

One more paid off

Finally got one of the big ones paid off. Now we’re down to 4 more to go…depending on our tax return, it might all go away this year! Woohoo!

A little bonus money!

I got a little bonus money on last week’s paycheck. I put some of it towards the kids’ college savings and the rest is going towards the current card I’m paying off. I think the extra money will get this card paid off 1 month earlier than planned. Woohoo! :)

Now the tough stuff...

Paid off one more debt today; there are only 4 left, but they are all pretty big. It’s probably going to take until January to get this next one paid off. Keep plugging away!

Another nice thing I’ve noticed while paying these off. Over the last 3 months, my monthly finance charges have reduced by over $100. It’s nice to know that $100 more dollars is going towards principle instead of interest each month!

One more paid off!

This was a nice one to get rid of, the minimum payment was $100/month. Consolidating that with all of the other payments will definitely have an impact. So that’s 7 down and 6 to pay off. One more will fall with the next paycheck. After that, though, all of the remaining debts have pretty big balances and it will take some time to pay any of them off.

Paid off 2 more!

I got a little bonus money the other day and paid off 2 more cards and a big chunk of 1 more. That brings the total to 10 cards paid off and 7 more debts to go.

Consolidated high interest cards

I ended up getting a loan from the credit union to consolidate 2 of the worst credit cards I had, with the highest interest rates. Since the credit rating has taken a beating, the rate on the loan is pretty high, but much lower than the cards were; the loan is at least 10% lower than the cards were.

Paid off some cards with tax money

I paid off the 6 cards with the highest interest rates using some of our tax return.

Got the balances under control

I got all of the balances loaded into Quicken and have caught up on payments…no more late charges!

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