Mr_EightySix in Denver is doing 12 things including…

pounce on someone

18 cheers


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Mr_EightySix has written 10 entries about this goal

My options used to be limited

toys, laser pointers or the man.
13 days ago, he brought another thing into the house.
I hated it
threw a fit, growled and hissed.
The man kept the thing in the bathroom with the door closed for days

Then he started to let it out for brief periods.
What was it?
It looked like me but tiny.

10 days ago, when he was home from work that night, he let the thing out.
Now I have something to cuddle with, chase and wrestle.
I like that thing


Or something


Don't make me come down there

I'd sure like

to hunt this guy down and slash his eyes out pounce on the person that used my cousin making this animated gif

How rude

bwaaa haaaaa haaaaaa

An unknown force

has arrived to terrorize my man and I

I will handle this in my own way

observe how I punish this uninvited invader


Practicing as we speak
or as I type


Mr_EightySix has gotten 18 cheers on this goal.


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