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The Hole in the Wall

The wall, in the sunlight, looked almost normal. Unless you were really looking for it, you never would have noticed the hole just large enough for something to crawl in- or out.
Each and every night, when the moon shines down into the dirty alley, a faint mist emerges. Had someone been looking on, which never happens, they wouldn’t see a thing. Only the spirits, and a select few mortals, can see anything out of the ordinary.
Anyway, where ever the smoke goes, lost souls follow. These spirits wander the Earth, searching for loved ones and a way to find peace. Rarely do they ever find it.

Oooo I noticed something cool!

Illusion and Rouge… we all joined on the same day, in the summer… so our birthday’s are on the same day! :D
It’s a while till then, I’m just thinking about celebrating!

I WANT COOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I finished my book!

I have two other books but they both seem really boring and I dont want to start one of those now… UGH! I’m pretty bored…

Idk why but I’m bored… Makes no sense because I am watching a movie but I really feel like I need to be doing more than one thing at a time… Hm oh well. Well, just thought I would say something on here. Well bye


O.O _ O.O
Ready for another weekend of no social contact with anyone but myself… I’m really angry at the people at my locker. I WAS ASSIGNED THAT LOCKER, NOT YOU LAUREN/COURTNEY! I don’t care what your name is, just that you dont throw your crap on top of my stuff


What is there to do??? UGH SO BORED


It’s nights like this one that I really want to fly…

Grrr… School was torture, but it was my friends birthday so that made it more fun! :D Illusion gave her a stuffed tiger, and I gave her a card with a kitty sticker…

thats it for now, I hate my life. .-.

i feel like i am sort of hogging the goal, if that makes sense...

What’s up with everyone else? Only illusion comments on here


cant wait for the party! :D i love preparing for troll 2 :D and im playing 1D on iheartradio! What makes you beautiful

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