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stop procrastinating

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im going...

to spain. I chose to do something useful with the year and somehow by some stroke of luck things seem to be working out so far, but the amount of things that need to be done before I leave is immense. I suppose I should get started on them…i suppose.

... now that im on the gap year i have to make sure I do something usefull with it, and make sure i get everything i need to do for university next year done….only problem is procrastination. Maybe if i write down achievable goals and dates to complete them by i might get them done…maybe.

I guess...

I’m not going to university this year- I have done nothing in the way of finance, accomodtion or anything else, and all because I procrastinate too much!

But! I do think it was a subconcious way of avoding the future that I’m not ready for, so now I have to figure out a way to spend the next year constructively and more importantly figure out how im going to tell my dad….

...i think i’ll just leave him a friendly note on his table and run for my life!

a whole day wasted

I woke up this morning with the intention of doing everything I needed to do, such as; clean my room, and the kitchen, do some revision, do some laundry, organise my life a bit.
So far i’ve got up, watched tv, ate, and gone on the computer, where I still am, all the while the chores that I have to do are playing on my mind.


i’m doing so badly I don’t even want to document my lack of progress on this because seeing it written down will just be a reality check im not ready for!


this is practically impossible. I woke up 2 hours ago with the intention of doing work…Failed! I reckon i need to be kept in isolation, away from all remotely shiny objects, but then i’d probably just create my own imaginary friends (although Rosie is the original(don’t ask)) or i’d just create my own alternate universe and live in there. I think my overactive imagination is what’s stopping me here.

well... far i’ve taken 3 naps, built a fort of pillows in my living room, watched 9 recorded tv programs, created an army of origami swans (who have already attempted to take over my fort, in vain!) i’ve eaten out the fridge the small feezer and am now conquering the ice cream tubs inside the big freezer whilst surfing the net…yes I do have college work to be doing, but the quicker I get all the distractions out the way the quicker i’ll start working.

I can’t believe I actuallt sat at the computer and finshed my 500 word spanish essay, finally. I feel so relieved although i shouldnt i still have 2×1000 word essays to do 1×500 word essay to do and about 300 words to have written and learnt off by heart for next week Monday, but progress is progress…right?

I've realised

that I’m not actually doing any of my goals, simply procrastinating on them all, and occasionally writing an entry or two. I actually need to find my motivation and attempt to clear these goals, rather than allow them to simply climb in number.

so... friend has decided to take it upon herself to fix my issues with procrastination (i think she’s deluded) and so far it hasnt exactly taken off to a flying start, but shes determined to keep the hope alive, and who am i to crush her dreams.

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