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I’m trying with this one, I really am. I realised just how much I do depend on my friends and just how good they can be in times of meed. Its easy to take friends for granted but when you loose a friend as I have done recently you tend to notice the ones that are still there. So far I’ve managed to see all of my best friends at least once during the last half term and I’m tryin to keep it up.


Im not sure if this goal should be ‘have better friends’ but for the good friends that I do have I want give more back. I want to actually get my friends thought out, wrapped birthday presents rather than them picking it out and me buying it. I want to enjoy the last 4 months before we dissappear for uni, I want to remember the good times, and never forget them. I want friends that listen rather than talk, so I can do the same. I want to have better friends so that I can be one too.

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