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Thanks to family and friends I’ve gotten my paws on some rosetta stone for both Tagalog and French.

Because I will be leaving for the Philippines on Christmas Day (yay!), my goal is a unit of Tagalog every day from yesterday to the day I leave. So far so good =P

I'm a native English Speaker

My lifetime goal includes learning:

French, Tagalog, and Spanish. In that order. =)


Well, I had a fun study session last night. It was the first time I had really practiced French in a long time. Oy! And it was terrible. I kept choking up on pronunciation (I think I bit my tongue twice). Any francophone would have cringed. It’s been far too long.

You know how I practice listening lately? Watching Montreal Canadien interviews in French…Ha! I love it. Why not: hockey + French = amazing. >.< Yeah, I’m a dork.

Making it happen

So, being out of school really put a stopper to any French connection I had. I’m a complete anglophone and I hate it. I found this website though that has actually been helping me expand my vocabulary (I have all the grammar in the world, yet no words to use…).

It’s It’s helpful, interacting, a variety of levels and plenty of languages.

So here I go again, hoping to continue my French education with only myself as a teacher. I’m considering taking courses at the college if I can pull up my competence in it.

My advice: Do a little bit every day. No matter how little or insignificant. Even learn a word or two. It’ll all add up in the end.

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