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Horseback Riding

A couple days ago I went horseback riding in Moab, Utah. First, it is gorgeous there. We are right there by the Arches National Park (also pretty). I went on a three hour ride on a horse named Shorty; we were perfect for each other. It was only awkward for the first ten seconds while I got used to the feeling of the horse and saddle. After that I got to know the horse’s moves. Ten minutes in it dawned on me how much I trusted the horse. It seemed odd but felt natural (if that makes sense). Then I realized that that is how it was supposed to be. If I don’t trust the horse, we should it trust me? And I trusted him completely. I think that made my ride that much better. I fell in love with him immediately. I have a response whenever I’m asked if I believe in love at first sight. I say “yes, with puppies and babies”. He changed that. It’s now “yes, with puppies, babies, and horses”. I will definitely be doing it again at home. =)

Rollerblading Exhibition #3

I get a feeling each time I go rollerblading the consequences keep getting worse and worse. =P

So I inherited my dad’s old blades I found under the house. I cleaned them up and was amazed that they fit. I’m convinced they never fit him at all since his feet aren’t that small.

Anyway, went out with J again and this time decided to bring B along (it was her first time). All was going well, we were having fun. After an hour we decided to stop for brunch/coffee. We got ten feet from the door (ten feet!) and B fell trying to stop.

We spent the next 7 hours in an ambulance/emergency room. She broke her wrist. Other than that we were all all right. She was an incredibly good sport about it. Only after some prompting and her wrist not getting any better did she let us call 911.

We learned a lot that day though. We had at least %90 of drivers, other cyclists, and pedestrians stop and ask if we needed help or if there was anything they could do. Two people got us some ice and one guy gave us his medical kit. The paramedics were perfect in every way being nothing but supportive, informative, and understanding. The hospital staff was just the same. And I can’t even tell you about all the people we met in the ER; those needing help and those there for friends and family. What did I get out of it? I love my city and all the fantastic people in it.

PS, B said she would go again and wasn’t going to let an experience like that stop her or scare her away from doing it again. She makes me proud.

Rollerblading Exibition #2

Well, I went again as promised. It was a beautiful day and I had a lot of fun. I tried out the back stopper thing while stationary to get a feel of how far back one would have to lean…it wasn’t too bad. So I tried it while going around 1/2 km/hour =P it worked. So I tried it a bit faster. It didn’t work but nothing bad happened. I tried it once more later on, lost balance, and fell. All things considered, it could have been much worse. The bike rider behind me was on high alert and easily rode beside me, slowing down to ask if I was okay. I fell backwards but slightly sideways so I landed on my ass (probably the cushiest thing to land on pavement with). I have no cuts, bruises or bumps. I didn’t hit anything but my rear, and even that’s okay. I was more panicked while falling than the actual landing. I started laughing after. The hardest part was getting back up. All in all, a great adventure. =)


What a fun date! Seriously, I had a great day two days ago. I went out rollerblading with a friend. We went along a paved trail through the forest and it was the first gorgeous day in a long time. It was all very pretty.

We went for ice cream, crashed at my friend’s place for a bit, then got taken out to dinner and a movie. Yeah, pretty great.

Best part, I didn’t crash! YES I’m not as clumsy as they all say! Well, at least not this time. For the record, it is definitely NOT like skating. As a Canadian I think skating comes naturally. Rollerblading does not.

I didn’t actually learn how to stop, I couldn’t work up the nerve to lean back on that thing on the back of one blade (what’s it called?). I stopped via a wall and a pole once….other than that I just waited until I slowed down. I mostly stayed away from cars for this reason.

I will most definitely do this again. Maybe I’ll learn to stop this time .

Tubing (snow)

I went tubing with a couple of friends and had a blast. It’s not demanding of your body at all and yet still offers a rush of adrenaline when going down steep hills. For my group of friend it was a good choice. Some of us love high adrenaline sports while others don’t at all. This was something we all could enjoy. Plus we were all tired at the end of the day and could curl up with hot chocolate next to a fire and chat the rest of the night.

A really good getaway with friends, even for one night.


**disclaimer: when it comes to my sports or anything adrenaline related, I get highly competitive with “the boys”. These are the times I think I should have been male. You know in the professional world ‘that woman’ who is always trying to be treated like the others in the ‘boys club’? Well, that’s me in the sports world. I always want to be best, first. But I don’t achieve that unless I’m the fasted, most skillful, whatever of all girls and boys. And I usually can do it too. Yeah, I’m that girl.

motor/dirt bike

So this really isn’t on my list as it’s not quite what I wanted for dirt biking. However, last summer I went to some family friends’ place in “the middle of nowhere”, Ontario. They own what I would describe as what would happen if a motorcycle and a dirt bike hooked up and had kids…yeah.

I decided to drive it (with help first). Every woman who had been on it previously had seriously bailed or freaked out (and sent the bike flying). Our friend taught me how to use the clutch, brake, etc. Then we went around with him behind me (hands on handles and finger over brake, just in case). I am the only woman to date who has not bailed; win!

Then I really got going. Turning, going up and down hills, seeing how fast I could accelerate…they have acres upon acres of property so I had my fun. I felt pretty proud of myself after for learning how to do that.

Tubing (water)

I did this last summer and the one before. Friends of the family own a cottage on a lake and we go up to visit sometimes. It was actually a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. We had a small(ish) powerful boat and the lake was quiet so we were able to go pretty fast. I’ve never gripped something so tight…

Our friends’ family were all up there so it was really popular with the boys (as it demands some good upper body strength). I decided I could “play with the big boys” and went for it. That was my competitive-I-should-have-been-a-boy persona talking =P

They said they’d start easy but when they couldn’t knock me off or send me flying they really dug in. I’ve never been whipped around that hard or jumped and landed at the height and speed (it was fantastic!).

I went on a couple runs with them and they only managed to whip me right off once. yeah, I’m proud.

Here's the list:

Horseback Riding

Water Skiing
White water Rafting


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