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I have an unmitigated interest in the trades

Biggest goals right now are:

- Have a woodwork project every year
- Learn basic car mechanics


I learned how to check the pressure of tires today, where they should be, and how to pump them up. Nothing too fancy. =)


Well, I took my driver’s test today and passed. =) I’m not sure where else to put this, but the information is sort of relevant. I’ve been on my learners for a couple years now and it was about to expire. So now I’m all licensed up and have my step-mom’s old car to use when needed. I’m sure it will open me up to a whole new bunch of opportunities to learn about cars.

Any suggestions about things I should learn how to do (whether it be maintenance related or repair oriented).

Step One

My step mom’s car broke down so my dad decided this is where I would start lesson one. And what a lesson! We ended up changing the battery, alternater, and the solenoid (the real problem) that order. It’s a 17 year old Ford Tempo so….it was time for a change anyway but…what I took away from it all most is ‘even though dad swares he knows what he’s doing, the mechanic always knows better’ =) But I did learn how to replace all those things and the electrical circut of a car. So I guess it was worth it .

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