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Raise a happy, healthy, and safe family

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“I know everything about you and I know nothing about you. I can anticipate you and you never fail to surprise me. I am secure and stable but I have to work everyday at making this relationship succeed. I have to be engaged even now that we are married. I can never take things for granted except that you love me.” – Tarrador

Not going to lie, this touched me greatly to read. This is precisely what I wish to create and share with someone and have as a basis to build my family off of.

What I want.

I’ve always known I wanted to create my own family. Always. These three things are what I find important (although they apply to everyone in my life, and out too). If I could only ask for three things for people, this would be them.

One of my biggest fears in the world is becoming my parents. Not because they are cruel or anything (they usually have the best intentions), but because despite that we seem to be quite disfunctional. The thought of being capable of truly fucking someone’s life up is terrifying.

Despite this, I still want to raise a family. I don’t plan on starting today (good heavens…) or any time soon, but one day I will make this happen. And it’s going to be wonderful (if not totally insane .).

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