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have a great body

10 cheers


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strict diet with a dash of junk food!

my body is not that ‘great’ but i achieved what i wanted, ‘i got my size 0 back’!! YAY!!little exercise, good breakfast and lots of water. I still have sleeping problems but I’m sure through my determination I will knock it out of the list soon.
*Filtered Water
*Special K cereal with ‘sassy’ tag
*Special K cereal bars
*Greek Yogurt
*Low Fat Yogurt
*Soy milk
*Trail Nut Mix
-these are my favorites, eat/drink them when you are hungry !

Zero Figure!!<3

I’ve started losing weight, eating healthy foods and doing light exercises; now i only need to be motivated to get real slim and trim! hopefully i can accomplish to be size zero ;D

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