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I’m ticking this goal off as done.. cz I;ve reached a satisfactory level..

I’m glad I did this.


I’m not overly nice.. nor am I being rude to anyone..

This works for me..



I think even though I’ve calmed down a massive amt from before.. I cud still tone down.. esp with my mom.

Sumtime’s I’m not so nice to her cz I get irritated.

Have to work on that… :-(


I am getting bolder.. but sumtimes I am not so nice.. and sumtimes.. ppl dun really even listen til u r stern with them..

That sucks.

Being assertive is not as easy as it sounds..


I was getting irritated by a few ppl.. but I maintained my smile and listened to them anyways..

That bought them happiness..

Isn’t it all worth it now?

Yes, it sure is!


I think as I become more patient with people.. I become more nicer towards them!

Way to go!


Today morning I feel bsolutely great!

Maybe the fact that I had a very fulfilling evening yesterday cud have sumthing to do with..

I am seeing a positive change in me…

I am becoming nicer as I try to understand ppl more..

I greeted the guard at the gate today.. he was really taken aback.. but now I do it every day… and I can see the smile on his face.. I feel great to..

It’s abt acknowleding and accepting..

I will really achoeve this when every single person I pass will smile at me.. and I’ll smile right back..

It’s so simple.. yet ppl dun see it that way.

Baby steps. Though I really wanna leap!


I am nicer to ppl when I am happy.. so.. I will be more happier.. so that I can be nice to ppl!


I am really sweet.. most ppl wud say on our first meeting, but I can be very mean sumtimes..

No matter what my mood is.. I shud be able to control it.. cz it’s not anyone else’s problem.. it’s mine..

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